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Toobee. Amazing Flying Can.

Disc-Golf Legend,
Ralph Williamson Adopts
Toobee for fun and demonstration.

Disc Golf Photo

Ralph Williamson, Legendary Frisbee® Pro
and 10-time World PGDA (Professional Disc Golf Association) Champion, has been using Toobee as part of his Skills demonstration. "Toobee® is a fun toy that truly amazes viewers each time I toss it. Looking for a twist on Disc-Golf? Try Toobee Golf. Use the same rules as in Disc-Golf and you are ready to go."

Toobee is a Green Toy

Toobee is a Green Toy.

Even a Tree Hugger can feel good about this toy. That's because Toobee is 100% Recyclable. Just think, fun and recyclable. Go Green!

Guaranteed Zero-risk
Income Opportunity for Students Fundraisers when you Sell Toobees.

Now you can sell Toobees, earn $$$$, turn some heads, and have a great time doing it.
Learn $$$$ more.

"Toobee® Could Be the Next Fad Craze." — USA Today
"Toobee® An Aerodynamic Wonder!" — Games Magazine
"Hottest Item Since the Frisbee!" — Frisbee Pro

Toobee is Made in the USA. Fun. Fun. Fun! For ages 6-106

Amaze your Friends. Watch Toobee
Sail, Soar, Swoop Curve.

Amaze your friends! Watch heads turn as it sails soars swoops and curves. Toss it for distance, accuracy for fun or competition. Already Toobee® has been flown over 283 feet (94 yards). That's just six yards short of a football field.

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More than just a toy, Toobee® is really a new be played alone, with the family, or with a group of friends. This aerodynamic wonder weighs less than a marshmallow, has no sharp edges, and can be flown safely indoors or out. Buy Now

Toobee. Amazing Flying Can

Fantastic gift idea. For ages 5 to 105.
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Did you know?

Toobee was a big hit at
eBay Live 2014!
Toobee and eBay Live 2014
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In keeping with TOOBEE's efforts to make a difference
in society, 100% of all company profits will go to select children's charities worldwide.
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Toobee. Amazing Flying Can

TOOBEE is, and always has been, 100% Made in the USA. A fun toy that's All American.

Every comevisitanchorage.comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

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